Domus 3*

Location: It is situated in the historical center of Kyiv.

There are 30 rooms in the hotel: 14 single rooms, 8 double rooms, 2 de luxe and 6 advanced luxe. We expresses its respect and is pleased to provide the information about our hotel. The Hotel is equipped with central system of air conditioning. The rooms have beds with modern orthopaedic mattresses bed linen, blankets and pillows are made from the most up- to- date anti- allergic materials, minibar, telephone. Each room, no mater of its category, has zone lighting, cosmetic mirrors, hand hair dryers, satellite television. Hot water and lighting are supplied without failure thanks to its own backup water and power supply systems. Cold water undergoes treatment at additional filters and as to its quality meets European standards. A modern system of security is in operation in the Hotel, providing security for guests and visitors, fire - control system.



  • ул. Исполкомовская, 7, оф. 53
  • +38(056)374-50-50